Baseband Video Adapter (1.6KM)

The MF-075-1KM/1.6KM are single-channel adaptive
equalizers designed to automatically compensate for
long runs of Cat 5/6 or RG-59 cable,
producing high quality video output with no user
interaction. The MF-075-1KM equalizes Cat 5/6 up to
a distance of 3000 feet (1000 meters),
while the MF-075-1.6KM equalizes up to 5300 feet
(1600 meters). compensates for high frequency cable
losses of up to 60dB at 5MHz as well as source
amplitude variations up to ±3dB.
The MF-075-1KM/1.6KM operate from a single +5V
Inputs are AC-coupled and internally DC-restored.
The output can drive 2VP-P into two source-terminated
75&Omega loads (AC-coupled or DC-coupled).


Signal Input:

Video 1xBNC Female connector.
UTP 1xRJ-45 jack Video Pair 4- Pins 7(+) & 8(-)

Signal output:


Video BNC connector X 1


BNC connector 100 ohm Balanced Video
RJ45 connector 75 ohm Balanced Video


-3dB Bandwidth 5MHz


Color video UTP Category 5/6 cable Maximum length 3,000 ft.
Color video UTP Category 5/6 cable Maximum length 5,800 ft.



DC 5V/ 2A


80mm X 70mm X 32mm



Distance Up to 3000 ft. (1000m) of Cat 5/6 and Up to 3000 ft. (1000m) of RG-59
Distance Up to 5800 ft. (1600m) of Cat 5/6 and Up to 5800 ft. (1600m) of RG-59
Fully Automatic, Stand-Alone Operation - No User Adjustment Required
±8kV ESD Protection on All Inputs
Automatic Cable Type Compensation
Compatible with Color or Monochrome, NTSC or PAL Signals
Automatic Polarity Detection and Inversion
Compensates for ±3dB Source Variation (in Addition to Cable Losses)
Optional Serial Interface Adds Additional Functionality
5MHz -3dB Bandwidth&rsquo
Works with Single-Ended or Differential Inputs
Output Drives Up to Two 150&Omega Video Loads

Item Number Description
MF-075-1KM Baseband Video Adapter Distance 3,000 FT ( 1KM )
MF-075-1.6KM Baseband Video Adapter Distance 5,800 FT ( 1.6KM )
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