PS/2 & VGA over Cat.5

  PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse Balun

Classroom projector systems, digital signage, boardroom systems, collaborative PC systems, medical information systems.

  Video Ease VGA Balun

The VGA Balun eliminates costly and bulky VGA cable,allowing a VGA source to be connected to a VGA monitor viaone (1) 4-pair Cat5E/6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP)cable.Used in pairs, the VGA Balun allows VGA video to betransmitted up to 350ft (107m) via Cat5E/6 at 800 x 600resolution.



  CRT & LCD monitors, plasma screens, PCs,laptops and multimedia projectors.





  Horizontal sync

  TTL standard. 300kHz max. bandwidth

  Vertical sync

  TTL standard. 300kHz max. bandwidth

  Max Distance Cat5E/6T

  VGA: 640x480 pixels 450ft (137m)

  SVGA:800x600 pixels 350ft (107m)

  XGA: 1024x768 pixels 250ft (76m)

  SXGA:1280x1024 pixels 200ft (61m)

  WXGA:1366x768 pixels 180ft (55m)


  Cat5E/6 or better unshielded twisted pair (UTP)


   Input: RGB 75 ohms Unbalanced

  Output: RGB 100 ohms Balanced


  80mm X 70mm X 32mm

PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse Balun
.Up to 350 ft (106m) via Cat5 UTP Color coded cable leads Compact design
PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse Balun
Item Number Description
MF-PS2-UTP-P PS2 Keyboard and Mouse to UTP Extender Pigtail
MF-PS2-UTP-D PS2 Keyboard and Mouse to UTP Extender (Female)

VideoEase VGA Balun
Item Number Description
MF-VGA-UTP-P VGA to UTP Extender Pigtail
MF-VGA-UTP-D VGA to UTP Extender HD15P Female
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