BaseBand A/V Adapter
MFICOS Video/Audio Adapters are designed for baseband video and /or audio signal transmission utilizing Category 5 UTP (Unshielded Twisted-Pair) cable. Signal distortion is minimized as high frequency noise is filtered from the received signal. Two models are available: one with both video and audio interface and the other with video interface only. A male BNC to phono jack adapter is also available for applications where a phono jack is used for video interface. Expensive video/audio cable is no longer necessary with a Video/Audio adapter from MFICO. Simply install or use existing category 5 UTP cable for your next video/audio installation.

RJ-45 Signal

Video 1xBNC Female connector.

UTP 1xRJ-45 jack

Video Pair 4- Pins 7 & 8. Audio L

Pair 3- Pins 3 & 6 .

Audio R Pair 2- Pins 1 & 2


100 ohm Balanced Video


Video DC-12 MHz, Audio 50Hz-15KHz (Optional)


Color video UTP Category 5 cable Maximum length 1,000 ft.

B/W Video UTP Category 5 cable Maximum length 2,000 ft.


Black PVC


2.2" (W) x 3.03" (l) x 0.98" (H)


Designed for baseband video channel signal transmission over Category 5 UTP cable.

Can be used for either NTSC or PAL video signal.

Built-in impedance matching device and filter for video signal transmission.

Easy to install or move with inexpensive Category 5 UTP cable.

Use with existing premises wiring and wall jacks to make all of your
   video installations easier.

Item Number Description
MF-075 Baseband Audio/Vodeo Adapter
MF-075V Baseband Audio/Vodeo Adapter Video Only
MF-075-VAP Baseband A/V Adapter Video /Audio with Power Jack
MF-075SV S-video Audio(Stereo) Adapter
MF-075-VP Baseband Video only with Power Jack
MF-075-VVP Baseband Video 2 port with Power Jack
MF-075-R3 Baseband A/V Adapter with RCA Jack (Y+W+R)
MF-075-V3 Baseband Video Adapter with RCA Jack (R+B+G)
MF-075S S-video Only Adapter
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