Dual-band IR Receiver
Facile kit dedicates to act as a remote receiver and processor of infrared signals, by receiving signals from remote controllers and send to remote MFX-IRC-3856K16 to remote repeater .

Carrier Frequency: 38K + 2K and 56K + 2K Hz.
Control Range: 38KHz up to 50 feet and 56KHz up to 30 feet indoor on axis,
   depending on remote strength and ambient interference and 15 to 20 feet in
   direct sunlight.
 Reception Angle: Up to 20 feet distance for + / &ndash 45 degree off axis.
 LED display:
   Activity LED: When IR received the signal form remote controller the Red LED
   indicates IR signal activity a completed circuit with a terminator or an Emitter.
   Status LED: The Blue LED for System On/Off indication.
IR Lens: reject visible light interference.
Room to Room Wire Recommendation: Using 4 - conductor (min.) 24 gauge unshielded solid or stranded copper wire up to 1000 feet ( 300M ) length.
Power Requirement: DC 12V, (500~1200mA), Using a regulated adaptor is always recommended.
Dimension: 32(L) x 13(W) x 12(H) mm.

Item Number Description
MFX-IRC-3856K16 Dual-band IR Receiver
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